Monday, August 20, 2012


So, I am that dork who had electronic life implode.

1. I forgot the e-mail address with which I created this blogger account.
2. I forgot my password to said account.
3. I forgot which of my several e-mail addresses I had used for my recovery e-mail account.

I am also that dork who had real life implode.

I have moved (ETA -I just realized that I moved before my previous post, so there is no new move.  We're still here), lost my job (and in the process of trying to find a new one), dealt with some family brou-ha-ha, wallowed around a bit in some anxiety and depression,


I toyed with the idea of blogging about other things, but really, being childfree is actually the most pertinent to my everyday life.  Being childfree allows me to do the other things in my life I enjoy, so it is the hub I'll be using.  I may talk a bit about my hobbies, likes, dislikes, and day-to-day life, but it is my childfreedom that is the central theme.

For instance, I moved.  Guess what?  I did not have to worry about schools or finding the perfect neighborhood (our neighborhood is fantastic, but I wouldn't want to have a kid here).  I didn't have to worry about how the move would affect the psyche of a mini-Irreverent.  I didn't have to worry about the logistics of schlepping a kid AND an apartment full of stuff to the new location.  I was able to stay with my parents and finish off my job while Hubbs stayed in the new place and got it livable.  These things were not impeded by having a curtain-climber in the way.

I lost my job.  There was no worrying about how to support a kid on one modest salary.  I am able to conduct my job search without a brat underfoot.  I am able to wear business clothes to interviews without checking my ass for smashed peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich goo.

The family brou-ha-ha didn't directly impact Hubbs and me.  However, if we had a kid, it would have had more of an affect on us, because there would be questions.  "Why aren't we visiting Pappy?"  "Why don't Aunt M, Uncle R, and Cousin live with Pappy anymore?" and so on.  We'd actually be dragged into it by the questions of a mini-Irreverent.

As for the anxiety and depression?  I didn't have to be concerned that a kid would ask Hubbs, "Daddy, why is Mommy in the bathroom crying again?"  Or, "Why won't Mommy get out of bed?"

And I don't have to cut in and respond, "Because I feel like shit right now, and you're not helping, so go to your room."

Looking back and reading what I've written, it seems to me that being childfree eliminates a metric ton of worry from my life.  Childfree = one step closer to worryfree!!!  Now, if I can only figure out how to win the lottery...


  1. Nice to see you in blog format! I'm over from FB. :) I can't imagine being saddled with kids, especially since I'm pretty sure retirement funds are going to be dried up by the time I need to retire...

  2. Thanks! Nice to see you over here too!

    I totally hear you on the retirement funds.