Saturday, August 9, 2014

Dear Readers,

It has been almost exactly two years since my last post.  I would like to commit a small amount, and gradually work my way up to a larger amount of posts.

I propose that I write two blog posts a month minimum.  That being said, there can be more.  I just will be sure to do those two posts a month.  I'm putting this out here, because I suck at sticking with something like this.  It's big.  I may not have a heck of a lot of readers, but letting people into my head is hugely terrifying.

So, I had a little question and answer session with myself, and I decided that it was a good plan to put my head out there.  Here's what that question and answer session looked like:

Q: What if they don't like what I have to say?
A: With a name like Irreverently Childfree, I can be reasonably assured that I'll piss at least one or two   people off.

Q:  What if I sound like a dork?
A:  You are a dork.  Get over it.

Q:  What if no one is interested?
A:  So what?  Maybe you are scared they will be interested.

Q:  And what if I am scared they will be interested?
A:  Weren't you just afraid they wouldn't be interested?

Q:  Your last a was a q.
A:  Your last q was an a.  What's your point?

Q:  Why am I talking to myself again?
A:  Because you want to write a blog.

Q:  Then, why aren't you writing one already?
A:  Shut up.  I have to think of something to write about.

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