Friday, July 8, 2011

Oh yes, I'm a bitch.

The following will be sent off to the property manager after two weeks of logging the most significantly LOUD noises. 

Yes, the people upstairs have kids.  No, that is not an excuse for making a ridiculous amount of noise to the point where I think my ceiling is going to come crashing down.  Footsteps and creaks are fine.  Pounding, stomping, and crashing are not.

Begin log here:
What follows is a log of the types of noises; places from which they seem to originate; and what the noises sound like. Since I am not upstairs witnessing the actual noise production, this is my best estimation of what is happening.

9:34 p.m. - stomping/pounding noises above the kitchen.
10:08 p.m. - moving furniture in the kitchen (sounded like heavy furniture being dragged across a hard floor).
10:33 p.m. - more stomping/pounding noises from above the living room area and stomping/pounding noises from the hallway area.
10:47 p.m. - rapid thumping above the living-room area and pounding above the kitchen area.

6:34 p.m. - stomping/pounding noises above the living-room and entry-way.
6:38 p.m. - large booms from above the living room."

End log, begin confrontation.

Sorry, new neighbors, the welcoming committee does not live here.  I went upstairs and asked, "Why does my kitchen ceiling sound like it's going to fall down?"

I would not have launched this campaign had they just said, "We're sorry.  We'll try to keep it down." instead of "We weren't even home, it couldn't have been us." (oh really?  Why is your car out front?  Oh, and if you weren't home, someone must have broken in, because it came from YOUR APARTMENT.)  The cunt also came out with, "Are you attacking my parenting skills?"

Um, yeah.  Bitch.  You should have given head or taken it up the ass if you weren't going to be a proper parent to your fucking crotch droppings.


  1. Ugh. Sounds like they're the type of people who think that their children are absolutely entitled to everything in life, does no wrong, and everyone needs to get out of their way.
    Two can play that game... Figure out where the kid's room is. Get some filthy gangsta rap, put the speakers facing up on a shelf, as close to the ceiling as possible. Crank bass enough to shake junior out of his bed. Blast tunes all day, right thru precious naptime and when he gets up, he will know a few new choice words "fo' his bitch mama." When she confronts you, say, "I wasn't even home, couldn't have been us!" and "Are you attacking my DJ skills?"

  2. For the last 6 years I've had neighbors from hell in the tiny apartment above.

    First: A young couple, early twenties, just had a baby, -moves in. Lots of parties, cig butts and beer caps thrown down onto my terrace, constantly going in and out of the apartment, lots of friends visiting.. The child grows, constantly throwing stuff on the floor (my ceiling!) runs around. I complain and they are soo sorry. But it goes on like before. Parks the baby at some babysitter and parties. I've counted 15-20 ppl coming out of the apt with beer bottles in their hands..
    She gets pregnant again. After the second child is old enough to stumble around and throwing stuff for a while, they eventually moves.

    Thank god, I think. The apt is sold. I follow closely what and who moves in, and guess what, another toddler!
    The parents don't party, but the stamp like elephants, so the wall vibrates and I feel like living in a drum. Worst of all, they let this the hyperactive kid toddle around for hours; -maybe 10-15 min break and then it starts again. I complain to the woman who was so nice, and soo glad I told her, but she said the were renting only for a few months. Of course nothing changed after this, and I'm trying not to go insane and hope these months will pass quickly. Finally they move. Then some weeks ago, another very young couple moves in, -rather they are more like overgrown teenagers. They stamp around like hell, almost like running. So far, every other day they have had several bimbos visiting, and normally more than one at the time. They are this age when they just need to hang with friends all the time, and I think even sleeping over, and the apt is excellently located for them to meet there before going out at night.

    My God, what did I do to deserve this? Toddlers and grown toddlers, there should be a law against such neighbors!

  3. I'm sorry you're going through this, passingbie! That really sucks. I've discovered that when people have kids, it's extremely hard for the apartment managers to kick them out. People like us are forced to deal with shitty parenting and the results thereof. In trying not to discriminate against people with children, the childfree end up being discriminated against indirectly. I wish there was a happy medium, but apparently, people like us can just go dive off a high cliff, because we're worthless having no children. Sometimes, I just hate the way the world is. Grrrrr!

  4. OHMYGOD, this is happening to me right now! Loud, stamping around, except it's always at ~3a.m. The people next to me have a crying child, which is annoying but it's not like I'd ask them to just smother it, and for the most part it's just up during the day (although the kid's up later than I am, apparently). But the people upstairs are DICKS. Why can't there be a no-kids apartment complex?? There are no-pets ones! If you've got kids go live in a house.

    1. That's no good, Cytochrome! I think we complained at least eleventy-seven times, and when they got kicked out, it wasn't even for that. At least they're gone.

      As for the dick neighbors, might I suggest some Liquid Ass?